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Terms and Conditions of RF3 World Membership Application and Allotment
  1. As an independent distributor of RF3 World, (now know as RF3World) I understand and agree to the followings: I hereby apply for a RF3World distributorship. l am of legal age (18) as I enter into this agreement. I am a citizen of the world.
  2. As long as I am a distributor of RF3World I agree to comply with the current RF3World business program, policies, procedures, Code of Ethics: requirements and standards as established and as may be amended from time to time by RF3World.
  3. As a member of RF3World, the company have the rights to take action and terminate any member who manipulates RF3World system for benefit of themselves. For example they registered their spouse or kids or siblings or friend under their groups but they do not involve and doing the business at all.
  4. Any RF3World members who used other person details or deceit his ID number or using other person bank account are considered committing a fraud. In this case RF3World have the rights to terminate this member account.
  5. I will fill all returns and reports required by the Inland Revenue Department of my country and pay all taxes arising from my activities as a distributor.
  6. I understand that I am an independent contractor and not an employee, agent, partner or joint venture of RF3World or my sponsor and that I am not authorized to act on behalf of or to bind RF3World or any of its affiliate, shareholders, officers, directors, employees or agents, or my sponsor.
  7. I will not use the RF3World trade name, trademark, or service mark in any advertising without prior written approval of RF3World
  8. I understand that with product purchased I am automatically qualify to become a RF3World distributor and I will not make any statement or representation to the contrary to any prospective distributor.
  9. I will not state, infer or represent to any prospective RF3World distributor that any specific network organisation may be built or maintained or that any specific level or income may be earned or anticipated from the RF3World business program.
  10. I will not disseminate any literature or sales aids whatsoever other than those supplied to me by RF3World. I will not alter any product contents or packaging without specific written direction to do so by RF3World.
  11. All RF3World products purchased or sold by me are subject to the warranties, disclaimers and procedures applicable to the products at the time of purchase.
  12. I will encourage other RF3World distributors to abide by RF3World policy and will not encourage other distributors to make unnecessary products purchase that will results in large static inventory.
  13. I understand and agree that RF3World may take appropriate action on my distributorship at any time if l breach any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or engaged in any conduct which may bring disrepute upon RF3World or which is in violation of any government law, regulation or ordinance, or any RF3World policies
  14. Withdrawal of bonuses is by minimum amount RM150 per se on given fixed dates of a month every month. If by any means that withdrawal is not performed due to below allowed minimum amount, the balance is carried forward to next withdrawal
  15. I shall be actively involved in the Management of my direct and indirect distributors under my lineage of sponsorship. I shall devout my time, energy and financial assistance to manage and expand my group of distributors under my lineage.
  16. I agree that RF3 World is entitle to deduct my income if it appears that I was not actively, directly and indirectly involve in the expansion involving marketing strategies, providing tools, materials, training and other miscellaneous and that RF3 has extended the financial assistance to build my group under my lineage whether directly or indirectly on my behalf.
  17. I agree if I do not participate and/or involved directly or indirectly on the expansion of my lineage of networking and if the sponsored distributors whether directly or indirectly under my lineage could not co-operate with me, RF3 World has unfettered discretion to transfer the distributor including their lineage to another Leader Subject Always there is a petition from the distributor that they are unable to co-operate or work with me.
  18. I agree if I intentionally or unintentionally defamed or make slanderous remarks or lies against the Leadership of RF3 World without any substantiated facts and there are evidence confirming my wrong doings, I agree that RF3 World can take action to terminate my distributorship without any further reference to me.
  19. I will not hold RF3 World to be responsible or liable for my actions whether directly or indirectly in breach of the terms and conditions herein contained.
  20. Violations. Please report any violations of the Terms of Service to our Customer Service by emailing customer service at:

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